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China market

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Opt Product Code Data item 05-27 05-28 05-29 DoD Unit
PPAAAE376 Chaozhou Ouhua CNY/mt
PPAAAE378 Shantou Siam Gas CNY/mt
PPAAAE394 Chaoshan Areas Import Gas CNY/mt
PPAAAE395 China Gas Guangdong (Guangzhou Huakai) Industrial Gas CNY/mt
PPAAAE396 Guangzhou Huakai LPG Imported Propane CNY/mt
PPAAAE397 Guangzhou Huakai LPG Imported Butane CNY/mt
PPAAAE398 Dongguan Jovo (Industrial Gas) CNY/mt
PPAAAE399 Dongguan JOVO imported propane CNY/mt
PPAAAE400 Dongguan JOVO imported butane CNY/mt
PPAAAE401 Shenzhen Sino-Benny CNY/mt
PPAAAE402 Shenzhen Huaan settlement CNY/mt
PPAAAE403 Zhuhai Siam Gas CNY/mt
PPAAAE404 New Ocean Energy CNY/mt
PPAAAE406 Zhuhai Areas Import Gas CNY/mt
PPAAAE407 Fujian CNY/mt
PPAAEJ698 Imported gas in the Pearl River Delta CNY/mt
Opt Product Code Data item 05-27 05-28 05-29 DoD Unit
PPAAAE409 China Gas Zhejiang (Import Gas) CNY/mt
PPAAAE410 Zhongjia Huachen (Import Gas) CNY/mt
PPAAAE411 Zhejiang CNY/mt
PPAAAE412 Shanghai Jindi (low-proportion) CNY/mt
PPAAAE413 Shanghai Jindi (high-proportion) CNY/mt
PPAAAE414 Shanghai Areas CNY/mt
PPAAAF840 Shanghai Area proportion gas CNY/mt
PPAAAE415 Oriental Energy Zhangjiagang Area CNY/mt
PPAAAE416 Oriental Energy Taicang Area CNY/mt
PPAAAE417 Oriental Energy Ningbo Area CNY/mt
PPAAAE418 China Gas Jiangsu (Import Gas) CNY/mt
PPAAAE419 Jiangsu CNY/mt
Opt Product Code Data item 05-27 05-28 05-29 DoD Unit
PPAAAE423 Sinopec Guangzhou Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAABM583 Guangzhou Sinopec (C4R2) CNY/mt
PPAAAE424 Guangzhou Zhongsui CNY/mt
PPAAAE425 Guangzhou Areas CNY/mt
PPAAAE426 Guangzhou Wharf CNY/mt
PPAAAE427 China Gas Guangdong (Guangzhou Huakai) Residential Gas CNY/mt
PPAAAE428 Guangzhou Chengheng CNY/mt
PPAAAE429 Guangzhou Lianyou CNY/mt
PPAACC694 Guangzhou Kunlun CNY/mt
PPAAAE430 Dongguan Jovo (doemstic gas) CNY/mt
PPAAEJ558 Ju Zhengyuan (Dongguan) CNY/mt
PPAAAE433 Sinopec Zhanjiang Dongxing Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE434 Zhanjiang Areas CNY/mt
PPAAAE435 Chaoshan Areas doemstic gas CNY/mt
PPAAAE436 Shantou Longpeng CNY/mt
PPAAAE437 Guangdong Kunlun CNY/mt
PPAAAE438 CNOOC Huizhou CNY/mt
PPAAAE442 Zhuhai Areas doemstic gas CNY/mt
PPAAAE444 CNOOC Yangjiang CNY/mt
PPAAEJ124 YangJiang HaiLing CNY/mt
PPAAAE445 Yangjiang Areas CNY/mt
PPAAAE431 Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE432 Maoming Areas CNY/mt
PPAAAE446 China Gas Guangxi (Guangxi PetroChina) CNY/mt
PPAAAE448 Kunlun Qinzhou (Guangxi Petchem) CNY/mt
PPAAAE450 Oriental Energy Qinzhou CNY/mt
PPAAAE451 Sinopec Beihai Refining & Chemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE453 Hainan Refining and Chemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE454 Hainan Petrochemical CNY/mt
Opt Product Code Data item 05-27 05-28 05-29 DoD Unit
PPAAAE477 Fujian Refining & Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE482 China Gas Fuzhou CNY/mt
PPAAAE483 China Gas Jinjiang CNY/mt
PPAAAE484 Fuzhou Areas CNY/mt
PPAAAE485 Sinochem Quanzhou (Residential Gas) CNY/mt
PPAAAE486 Sinochem Quanzhou (Etherified C4) CNY/mt
PPAABM419 Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical (etherified C4 outside East China) CNY/mt
PPAAAL615 Fujian Huaxing CNY/mt
Civi Gas CNY/mt
Opt Product Code Data item 05-27 05-28 05-29 DoD Unit
PPAAAE487 Yueyang Petchem CNY/mt
PPAAAE488 Changling Refining CNY/mt
PPAAAE489 Yueyang Areas CNY/mt
PPAAAE490 Xiangtan Huaneng Gas CNY/mt
PPAAAE491 Jingmen Petrochemical (Trucked) CNY/mt
PPAAAE492 Jingmen Areas CNY/mt
PPAAAE493 Jingmen Sinopec (railway) CNY/mt
PPAAAE939 Jingmen Petrochemical (Etherified C4) CNY/mt
PPAAAE496 Hubei Jinao CNY/mt
PPAAAO330 Hubei Jinao (residential LPG) CNY/mt
PPAAAE499 Hubei Tianyuan CNY/mt
PPAAAE500 Wuhan Sinopec (residential LPG) CNY/mt
PPAAAE501 Wuhan CNY/mt
PPAAEH278 Wuhan Wumei Panva Gas CNY/mt
PPAAAE502 Wuhan Petrochemical (Etherified C4) CNY/mt
PPAAAE504 Jiujiang Sinopec (Residential Gas) CNY/mt
PPAAAE505 Jiujiang Areas CNY/mt
PPAAAE506 Jiujiang Petrochemical (Etherified C4) CNY/mt
PPAAAE507 Anqing Petrochemical CNY/mt
Anqing Petrochemical (Residential) CNY/mt
PPAAAE508 Anqing Areas CNY/mt
PPAAAE509 Anhui Zhongpu CNY/mt
Boyuan (Hubei) Industry CNY/mt
Opt Product Code Data item 05-27 05-28 05-29 DoD Unit
PPAAAE524 Jinling Petchem (trucked) CNY/mt
PPAAAE525 Nanjing Areas CNY/mt
PPAABL050 Jinling Petrochemical (high olefins) CNY/mt
PPAAAE526 Jiling Petrochemical (etherified C4) CNY/mt
PPAAAE527 Yangtze Petchem-China Gas Baijiang (residential LPG) CNY/mt
PPAABK662 Yangzi High Clean LPG CNY/mt
PPAABK658 Jiangsu Lianli CNY/mt
PPAAAE529 Haide Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE530 Yangzhou Petchem CNY/mt
PPAAAE532 Qingjiang Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE533 Jiangsu NewOcean Energy CNY/mt
PPAAAE538 Ningbo Minggang (previous Zhenhai BP) CNY/mt
PPAAAE539 Oriental Energy Ningbo CNY/mt
PPAAAE540 Ningbo Areas CNY/mt
PPAAAE541 Ningbo Haiyue CNY/mt
PPAAAE543 China Gas Haiyan CNY/mt
Wenzhou Huadian Industry CNY/mt
PPAAAE545 Zhongjia Huachen CNY/mt
PPAAAE546 Sinopec Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE547 Shanghai Sinopec (residential LPG) CNY/mt
PPAAAE548 Shanghai Petrochemical (Etherified C4) CNY/mt
PPAAAO378 Rongsheng Petrochemical (Zhongjin) CNY/mt
PPAABL122 Jiangsu Hengbang Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAABM004 CNOOC Oil and Gas Taizhou CNY/mt
Ningbo Daxie CNY/mt
Opt Product Code Data item 05-27 05-28 05-29 DoD Unit
PPAAAE549 Ji'nan Refinery (residential LPG) CNY/mt
PPAAAE550 Ji'nan Refinery (Etherified C4) CNY/mt
PPAAAE551 Qilu Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE552 Qingdao Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE553 Qingdao Refinery CNY/mt
PPAAAE555 Qingdao Lidong CNY/mt
PPAAAE556 Shengli Thickened Oil Refinery CNY/mt
PPAAAE557 CNOOC Longkou CNY/mt
PPAAAE560 Changyi Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAT954 Changyi Petrochemical (residential LPG) CNY/mt
PPAAAE563 Dongfang Hongye CNY/mt
PPAAAE564 Shouguang Lianmeng CNY/mt
PPAAAE569 Hongrun Refinery CNY/mt
PPAAAE570 Chengtai Chemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE571 Weifang CNY/mt
PPAAAE573 Kenli Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE576 Dongchen Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE937 Qicheng Chemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE581 Shida Shenghua CNY/mt
PPAAAE582 Shandong Huaxing CNY/mt
PPAABK617 Shandong Huaxing (residential LPG) CNY/mt
Zhenghe Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE583 ChemChina Zhenghe Group Residential use LPG CNY/mt
PPAAAE586 Lushenfa CNY/mt
PPAAAE585 Dongying Shitong CNY/mt
PPAAAE584 Hualong Industry and Trade CNY/mt
Yatong Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE587 Yatong Petrochemical (North District) CNY/mt
Yatong Petrochemical (South District) CNY/mt
PPAAAE589 Guangrao Huabang CNY/mt
Shangneng Group CNY/mt
Haike Ruilin Chemical Residential use LPG CNY/mt
PPAAAE591 Haike Ruilin CNY/mt
PPAAAE592 Hualian Petrochemical CNY/mt
Lianhe Petrochemical CNY/mt
Dongying Weilian Chemical CNY/mt
Wantong Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE599 Dongying CNY/mt
PPAAAE601 Debao Road CNY/mt
PPAAAE604 Chambroad Petrochemicals CNY/mt
PPAAEG735 Xinyue Fuel Chemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE613 Binzhou CNY/mt
Xintai Petrochemical Residential use LPG CNY/mt
PPAABK381 Xintai Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE614 Jincheng Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE902 Wonfull Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAABK933 Wonfull Petrochemical (residential LPG) CNY/mt
PPAAAE617 Zibo CNY/mt
PPAABK659 Dongming Hengchang Chemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE618 Dongming Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE619 Dongming Runze CNY/mt
PPAAAE625 Heze Region CNY/mt
PPAAEG736 Shandong Shida Science and Technology CNY/mt
PPAAEJ703 Shengxing Chemical CNY/mt
Dongying CNY/mt
Opt Product Code Data item 05-27 05-28 05-29 DoD Unit
PPAAAE637 Yanshan Petrochemical (Etherified C4) CNY/mt
PPAABK730 Yanshan Petrochemical (residential LPG) CNY/mt
PPAAAE638 Tianjin Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE639 PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co Dagang Petrochemical (industrial gas) CNY/mt
PPAAAE640 Dagang Area CNY/mt
PPAAAE641 Dagang Area (high-pressure gas) CNY/mt
PPAABM538 PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co Dagang Petrochemical (residential gas) CNY/mt
PPAABM139 Dagang Area (residential gas) CNY/mt
Tianjin Residential use LPG CNY/mt
PPAABK731 Shijiazhuang Refinery (Civil Gas) CNY/mt
PPAAAE642 Shijiazhuang Refinery (Etherified C4) CNY/mt
PPAAAE644 Cangzhou Refinery (Etherified C4) CNY/mt
PPAAAE643 Cangzhou Refinery (Residential Gas) CNY/mt
PPAABM539 PetroChina North China Petrochemical (residential gas) CNY/mt
PPAAAE647 PetroChina North China Petrochemical (industrial gas) CNY/mt
PPAAAL346 Renqiu (residential gas) CNY/mt
PPAAAE648 Renqiu (industrial gas) CNY/mt
Cangzhou Residential use LPG CNY/mt
PPAAAE650 Hebei (High-clean) CNY/mt
PPAAAE645 Hebei Xinqiyuan Energy Technology Development CNY/mt
PPAAAE652 Luoyang Petrochemical (Railed) CNY/mt
PPAAAE651 Luoyang Petrochemical (Trucked) CNY/mt
PPAAAE657 Chengde Jiaqing CNY/mt
PPAAAE649 CNOOC Zhongjie Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE659 Haite Chemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE673 Tanghai Chemical CNY/mt
PPAAAL570 Longrun Chemical CNY/mt
PPAAAL425 Puyang Zhongwei CNY/mt
PPAABI493 Hebei Xinhai CNY/mt
Henan Fengli CNY/mt
Opt Product Code Data item 05-27 05-28 05-29 DoD Unit
PPAAAE674 Kunlun Daqing Petrochemical (Trucked) CNY/mt
PPAAAE675 PetroChina Anda Company CNY/mt
PPAAAE676 Kunlun Daqing Refining (Mixed C4) CNY/mt
PPAAAE677 Kunlun Daqing Refining (Etherified C4) CNY/mt
PPAAAE678 Kunlun Harbin Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE683 Daqing Zhonglan Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE684 Kunlun Jilin Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAABM604 Jilin CNY/mt
PPAAAE686 Shenyang Lahua CNY/mt
PPAABM572 PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co Liaoyang CNY/mt
PPAAAE690 Liaoyang CNY/mt
PPAAAE691 Kunlun Panjin (Liaohe Petrochemical ) CNY/mt
PPAAAE693 Jinzhou Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE694 Jinzhou CNY/mt
PPAAEI658 Jinzhou Petrochemical (domestic LPG) CNY/mt
PPAAAE695 Kunlun Jinxi CNY/mt
Jinxi Petrochemical (residential LPG) CNY
PPAABK275 Jinxi CNY/mt
PPAAAE697 Liaoning Huajin Chemical CNY/mt
PPAAEI594 Huajin Chemical (C4) CNY/mt
PPAAAE698 Dalian Terminal CNY/mt
PPAABI857 PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co Dalian (residential gas) CNY/mt
PPAABI457 PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co Dalian (etherified C4) CNY/mt
PPAAAF216 West Pacific Petrochemical Co (residential gas) CNY/mt
PPAAAE700 West Pacific Petrochemical Co (etherified C4) CNY/mt
PPAAEH687 Changling Deli CNY/mt
PPAAEJ762 Liaoning Jiahe CNY/mt
Panjin Zhonghai Chemical CNY/mt
Opt Product Code Data item 05-27 05-28 05-29 DoD Unit
PPAAAE721 Yan'an Refinery CNY/mt
PPAAAE722 Yan'an Refinery Base Bidding Price CNY/mt
PPAAAE927 Yanchang Refinery Etherified C4 Base Bidding Price CNY/mt
PPAAAE724 Yanchang Yulin Energy Chemical Base Bidding Price (Heavy C4) CNY/mt
PPAAAE924 Yunlin Refinery LPG Base Bidding Price CNY/mt
PPAAAE726 PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co Changqing Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE727 Xianyang CNY/mt
PPAAAE728 Shaanxi Huahaoxuan CNY/mt
PPAAAE729 Kunlun Qingyang CNY/mt
PPAAAE730 Kunlun Ningxia (Trucked) CNY/mt
PPAAAE734 Ninglu Petrochemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE735 Jin Yuhai CNY/mt
PPAAAE736 Yinchuan CNY/mt
PPAAAE737 Shenrui Chemical CNY/mt
PPAAAE738 Ruike New Energy CNY/mt
PPAAAE747 Ningxia Baofeng CNY/mt
PPAACB831 Ningxia Baozhongbang Chemical CNY/mt
PPAACB832 Hengyou Energy and Chemical CNY/mt
Ningxia Baoting New Energy CNY/mt
PPAAEG632 Ningxia Pantai CNY/mt
PPAAAF830 Qingyang Yulong Eenrgy Chemical CNY/mt
Baoli CNY/mt
Yan'an Tianli New Energy CNY/mt
Opt Product Code Data item 05-27 05-28 05-29 DoD Unit
PPAAAE748 Tahe Petrochemical (Trucked) CNY/mt
PPAAAE749 Tahe Petrochemical (Railed) CNY/mt
PPAAAE750 Kunlun Karamay (Trucked) CNY/mt
PPAAAE752 Tarim Oilfield (Trucked) CNY/mt
PPAAAE754 Sinopec Northwest Company (Trucked) CNY/mt
Southern Xinjiang CNY/mt
PPAAAE758 Kunlun Urumqi (Trucked) CNY/mt
PPAAAE760 Kunlun Tuha (Trucked) CNY/mt
Northern Xinjiang CNY/mt
PPAAAE762 Kunlun Yumen (Trucked) CNY/mt
PPAAAE764 Kunlun Lanzhou (Trucked) CNY/mt
PPAAAE766 Kunlun Golmud (Trucked) CNY/mt
PPAAAE768 Kunlun Hohhot CNY/mt
PPAAAE769 Inner Mongolia Shenhua CNY/mt
PPAACC548 Inner Mongolia Menglian (High-purity LPG) CNY/mt
PPAAEH167 Jiutai Energy Inner Mongolia (Residential LPG) CNY/mt
PPAABI494 Shenhua Yulin CNY/mt
PPAABK597 Baotou Shenhua C4 CNY/mt
PPAABK598 Xinjiang Shenhua CNY/mt
PPAABK599 Shenhua Ningxia Coal CNY/mt
PPAABK600 Shenhua Ningxia Coal (Coal-based LPG) CNY/mt
PPAAEG016 Shenhua Ningxia Coal (Hydrogenated LPG) CNY/mt
PPAAEJ513 Inner Mongolia (high olefins) CNY/mt
Xinjiang Xinhuixia Clean Energy CNY/mt
Opt Product Code Data item 05-27 05-28 05-29 DoD Unit
PPAAAE774 Shengma CNY/mt
PPAAAE775 Kunlun Chengdu Warehouse CNY/mt
PPAAAE777 Chengdu CNY/mt
PPAAAE778 Kunlun Chongqing Warehouse CNY/mt
PPAAEG635 Chongqing CNY/mt
PPAAAE784 Guizhou CNY/mt
PPAAAE785 China Gas Baijiang (Yunan) CNY/mt
PPAAAE786 Kunming CNY/mt
PPAABL085 PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co Guizhou CNY/mt
PPAABL086 PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co Yunnan CNY/mt